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3 General Aspects of Energy Companies

Written by Wall Street News on February 26th, 2016. Posted in Energy companies in dc, Power suppliers, The deregulation of electricity markets

Nj electric suppliers

With the deregulation of electricity markets and rise of alternative electricity companies that’s happened recently, energy companies have changed and evolved quite a bit in many parts of the country. For example, the average cost to deliver electricity for investor-owned utilities was 7.1 cents per kilowatt hour and generation accounted for approximately two-thirds of that cost in 1995.

According to the Edison Electric Institute, the cost of generating electrons currently accounts for less than half of the price of electricity in today’s day and age. That being said, there are still many aspects of power suppliers and energy companies that remains virtually the

Day Care and the Digital Age — How Technology Has Integrated With Child Care

Written by Wall Street News on February 26th, 2016. Posted in Child care management software, Daycare, Daycare computer software

Child care

After school programs and child care facilities have always been a popular means of ensuring that your child gets all the care and attention they need, even when work or other obligations are keeping you from being there every second of every day. Time is tough to find these days with work, school, family events, and everything else tugging at our free time. Even with both parents of a child or children present, it can be difficult to ensure that coverage is always available.

In fact, about 23 percent of children under the age of five are in some form of organized child care arrangement, be it day care, nurseries, preschools, etc. This includes about a third of those with an employed mother and about a qu

Cleaning Is Important and Green Is a Good way to go

Written by Wall Street News on February 25th, 2016. Posted in Medical office cleaning services, Medical office cleaning services bakersfield, When to look for a janitorial service

Green janitorial services

Some people never consider how clean their office, gym or grocery store is, but for many people, it is in the forefront of their mind. For example, 88% of people in a survey said they wouldn’t use a gym that had issues with cleanliness. Another 71% believe that at some point in their work career a dirty office has made them sick at least once. That just goes to show you how important it is to keep your business clean for the sake of both your customers and your employees.

If you have a small store or office, you may be tempted to clean it yourself or have staff do it to save money, but that can be a mistake. For one thing, it’s a lot more work than it may seem. And if you leave it up to an unreliable staff member, that person likely will not do a good job. It really can be worth the money to hire

How to Obtain a Small Loan For Your Business — And When

Written by Wall Street News on February 23rd, 2016. Posted in Small business lending, Small business loans, Unsecured business funding

Small business lending news

Small business loans are growing in popularity. In today’s ever-evolving financial marketplace, lenders and funding experts have really come into their own. Businesses always need money to continue operating, though difficult market conditions or strained financial times may mean that there simply isn’t enough of it going around for some businesses to stay afloat.

Luckily, acquiring a small loan to weather the storm is easier today than it ever has been in the past. It is estimated that there are around 25-27 million small businesses in operation today, accounting for anywhere between 60-80% of all jobs. Clearly then, these businesses are vital to the health of our e

The Two Types of Fire Protection

Written by Wall Street News on February 23rd, 2016. Posted in Fire protection engineering companies, Ft. lauderdale fire protection, Tampa fire protection

Fire alarm service tampa

While technology has provided a certain amount of protection from many natural forces that have affected civilization, fire remains a threat, both to people and property. Commercial fires occur for a variety of reasons and carry a high price when they occur in dollar value and casualties. Luckily, there are an array of commercial fire protection methods, usually divided into two categories, active and passive fire protection.

Active Fire Protection

These methods of commercial fire protection require some action or a specific motion in order to effectively be employed against a fire. These actions can be automated as well as being manual processes. These techniques are what most people

How Chargebacks Can Help You Battle Credit Card Fraud Right Away

Written by Wall Street News on February 23rd, 2016. Posted in Card not present fraud prevention, Ecommerce merchant account, Payment services

Credit cards payment system

People once predicted that cash would become obsolete and everything would be done with a swipe of a plastic credit card. Although cash is still around, credit card use is still on the rise, especially with the rise of online shopping. According to a Forrester Research survey conducted in 2014, online retail is supposed to hit sales of almost $375 billion in 2017 — up over a $1 million from 2012. However, as credit card use increases, so does the opportunity for credit card fraud. Studies have shown that six out of ten consumers are worried about credit card fraud when they make purchases online. Although retailers have made strides in ensuring secure payment for consumers and making sure that payment processin

How Pharmaceutical Companies Are Keeping Consumers Protected From Counterfeit Drugs With Serialisation Techniques

Written by Wall Street News on February 22nd, 2016. Posted in Blister pack packaging, Pharma track and trace, Serialisation pharma

Track and trace pharma

Science is an amazing thing in the right hands. However, many people have been using it to their own advantage in a way that does not benefit the larger public. For example, drug counterfeit and adulteration has become a huge problem in recent years and something that many people aren’t aware of. The Internet only further drives the illegal drug trade and fake prescription medicines are in high demand. Pharmaceutical companies are trying desperately to fix the widespread problem and introducing stricter measures and protocols that they hope will help stop a serious issue. Serialisation pharma is one of those measures — making sure that each package that goes through an assembly line is followed until delivery into a store near you, to assure that nothing has been tampered with or rerouted.

Even The Best Lifting/Fall Protection Products Are Worthless Without This

Written by Wall Street News on February 19th, 2016. Posted in Lifting slings, Marine rope, Wire rope slings

Wire rope

When you were young, you may have tried to impress your friends with daredevil antics, like climbing onto trees and rooftops, jumping down from as high as you could, dangling from the edge of buildings. That’s because too often young people think they’re invincible, but adults no better.
And if you work on dangerous job sites, there’s nothing less impressive than treating safety like a game. Serious workers have families that depend on them, and workers or managers who refuse to put safety first endanger everyone on the team (not to mention the financial consequences of an accident on the job).
That’s why it’s crucial to ensure your team always has two things:

  • Access to the latest high-quality lifting products and rigging hardware
  • Recent OSHA fall protection training, crane training,

Looking To Jazz Up Your Product Packaging? Consider Stand-Up Pouches

Written by Wall Street News on February 17th, 2016. Posted in Flat pouch bags, Liquid pouch packaging design, Shrink sleeve labels

Liquid pouch packaging design

Are you the purchasing agents, buyer, director of procurement, or packaging engineer for a company looking for new and exciting flexible plastic products? Perhaps your company produces a new type of gel to be used by athletes all across the world, but you aren’t sure what sort of packaging to put it in. Or maybe your product already has a container, but you aren’t with the plastic shrink sleeves on the outside. If you find yourself in these situations, you’re in luck. Below is some information on three of the most popular and creative flexible plastic packaging available today:

1. Stand Up Pouches - If you have been i

Outsourced Billing Solutions

Written by Wall Street News on February 17th, 2016. Posted in Electronic invoice presentment, Outsourced billing, Utility billing service

Utility billing services

Electronic bill payment is currently a common service offered as part of online banking. It allows a depositor to send money from his or her bank account to a creditor, such as a utility company. However, this is only possible if the creditor or vendor is equipped with an electronic billing system.

Outsource billing services provide for various aspects of the process, such as invoice printing services, electronic billing, statement processing, and more. What are the benefits of outsource billing services? First, one can be certain that statements, invoices, notices and other communications are delivered securely and quickly. Second, company records are organized in a convenient archival system, accessible via the internet. Third, it saves money.

Outsourced billing saves money by cutting back on per