Is Your District Considering an Investment in a New Marquee Sign for the High School?

Written by Wall Street News on January 17th, 2017. Posted in Church marquee signs, Digital led business signs, School led signs

Church marquee signs

Few notifications garner more excitement than the announcement of a Snow Day!
When the news crawled across the bottom of the television screens and the robo calls came from the district superintendent, an excited group of seniors made their plans. They bundled up, including the warmest snow boots that they could find, and met at the sign. The school marquee that was also documenting the big event.
In all capital letters that were flashing and blinking for all of the senior class to see, the school marquee sign was creating the perfect picture that everyone had been waiting for. By the time the group of friends arrived they realized that they were not the only ones with the idea for the classic photo. In fact, no fewer than 25% of the senior class had

What Type of Sign Your Business Should Use in the Very Beginning

Written by Wall Street News on August 30th, 2016. Posted in Digital led business signs, Digital led sign boards

Digital led business signs

Signs are still powerful forms of advertisement for companies. As long as people drive, walk, take the bus or do any form of traveling around town, billboards and other types of signs will attract attention. There are certain marketing strategies that can be used on signs to make them more appealing to certain target audiences but over all, a big sign will catch a potential consumer’s eye, that’s just the way it is. Technology has made it possible to have so many different kinds of signs, particularly digital signs for businesses. You could use all of any of these depending on your budget. Let’s go over just a few types that are available.

LED Signs
These are the types of signs that you see inside shops that are used as ‘open’ signs or in bars as decor. Continue Reading No Comments