Why Billboards Are Necessary to Help a Business Get Customers

Written by Wall Street News on May 21st, 2018. Posted in Electronic signs for business, Outdoor led business signs, School marquee

When looking to get new customers, many businesses look for new and effective ways to get the word out. One form of advertising that is still considered a tried-and-true method which is just as good as a TV ad and has just as much lasting power is a billboard. Commercial business signs along a highway or other heavily traveled roadways bring in a lot of new customers. Learn more about the benefits of this form of advertising.

Billboards Attract People Out and About

Over 35% of people would never have learned about a business if it wasn’t for the sign. It makes sense to take advantage of using signage that is off the roadway to help bring new customers in. In fact, over 67% of people make decisions to go into a store or other location while they’re sitting in their car. Help them along in making a decision to come into your store with LED business signs that will catch their attention and make them curious about what you have to offer.


6 Tips to Get the Most Mileage from Your Digital Signs for Business

Written by Wall Street News on March 28th, 2016. Posted in Marquee signs for schools, Outdoor led business signs, Signs for churches

Digital signs for business

Business signage can play an important role in any marketing strategy. Many people, about 35%, admit they only discover businesses because of the signs they see out front. Research into consumer habits shows that changing a sign or adding a new one increase sales revenue. It has been shown that when a company puts in a bugger store front sign, they see a revenue increase of about 7.7%. Thus is one of the reasons that digital signs for business are becoming so popular.

Tips for Increasing Your Revenue with Digital Signs for Business:

  1. Use movement to get attention. One of the best features of digital signs for business that you cannot get from tradition