Elevators Understanding How They Work

Written by Wall Street News on November 5, 2016. Posted in Elevator repair, Install residential lifts, Residential elevator installation company

Residential elevator service

For the most part, elevators are something we take for granted. Elevators are what we rely upon to take us up great distances that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to cover — for that matter, they sometimes are the only ways through which we can cover those distances. While an able-bodied person on their own can climb up a flight of stairs or even several, whether or not they want to, this isn’t the case for everyone. For people carrying heavy baggage or other objects, elevators become necessary. This is especially true for those transporting luggage on wheels. Then there are those, who, due to age or illness, truly cannot climb up many flights of stairs. In that case, elevators are extremely necessary and certainly not optional. Yet many don’t understand what goes into maintaining elevators. Relatively speaking, elevators are fairly recent inventions. They are usually installed by a specialized commercial elevator company, and in many cases this same company will be responsible for any elevator repairs that may become necessary. Below, we’ll look into how elevators work, where they are used, and why it is so important that, with the first sign of faultiness, an elevator company is called immediately. The more you know, the more safely an elevator can be installed and used.

Elevators Today: Understanding Why We Rely Upon Them

Across the United States, it’s estimated that today there are 900,000 elevators. They are used by around 20,000 people each year, in an average of 18 billion trips per year. Elevators are installed almost everywhere — in commercial buildings, hospitals, and homes alike. With that being said, it’s believed that the majority of elevators are located within retail, commercial, and residential properties with a rise of at least 40 feet — this is to say, four to five floors. In total, there are five main types of elevators “on the market”. Typically, they vary in size and capacity. There are passenger, freight, LULA, home, and personal elevators. The main reason why companies or people choose elevators is convenience. But in some cases, it isn’t just a matter of convenience but one of complete necessity. Usually, these elevators are, as previously mentioned, installed by a particular elevator company. An elevator company may produce one type of elevator, but even all five. Typically, a commercial elevator company may service dozens of clients. A residential elevator service may have a smaller market, but the need for residential lifts is growing as the number of elderly and disabled people living in their own homes increases.

How Elevators Work: Keeping Them Running Smoothly And Safely

Despite the number of us that use elevators, few understand exactly how they work. This is a problem, as an elevator that doesn’t work properly can be extremely dangerous. While a well-running elevator is safer than an escalator — twenty times safer, in fact — when it isn’t working correctly circumstances can become completely catastrophic. But how do they work in the first place? Well, a passenger elevator can be hydraulically driven. They have a maximum travel distance of 50 feet, or traction-driven for medium- and high-rise architecture over 50 feet. Other elevators may use different systems, but whatever system is used, it needs to be inspected on a regular basis. Once, elevators used to require a two-person team to function properly. One would be a dispatcher, and one would be an operator. While the button system used today is simpler, it also means that there may be less vigilance about how well or poorly the elevator is working.

Elevator Safety: When To Call The Repair Company

Essentially, if there is any question of how well or poorly an elevator is working, a repair company needs to be called. This could be indicated through a slow or stuttering running time. For that matter, an elevator repair company can assist in fixing smaller issue, like malfunctioning buttons or a poor ventilation system. Remember — safety is the top priority.

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