Hotel Hazards 3 Ways To Prevent A Fire In Your Hotel

Written by Wall Street News on July 25, 2017. Posted in Fire sprinkler installation ft. lauderdale, Fire sprinkler maintenance service, Fire sprinkler service

Fire sprinkler repair

When guests come to stay at your hotel, they’re likely focused on the quality of their accommodations. A comfortable bed, clean rooms, and top-notch service are probably at the top of their lists. Whether or not they’re protected in the event of a fire is likely the furthest thing from their minds. But it shouldn’t be far from yours. It’s your duty to invest in the best types of fire protection services and provide priceless information to your guests to ensure their safety. Although you’ve probably already hired a fire protection company to install sprinklers, alarms, and detectors, there are likely other steps you can take to prevent a fire from occurring at your establishment. We’ve highlighted a few of these steps below.

  1. Keep an eye on the kitchen
    Fires that start in the kitchen are among the most common and most dangerous. While professional kitchen equipment will allow you to serve your guests better, this equipment may also put your guests at risk. In a high-pressure environment, it’s all too easy for something to go up in flames. Make sure that every staff member receives high level training on how to use this equipment and exercise caution with fryers, in particular. You may want to invest in tools that feature an automatic shut-off when they reach certain temperatures or that grant the ability for you to remotely control the electricity and/or gas supply. You should also ensure that the kitchen has adequate ventilation. And of course, make sure to work with a fire sprinkler installation service to make certain the kitchen has ample protection.
  2. Monitor laundry facilities
    Your hotel’s large-capacity dryers also carry a significant fire risk. Lint often becomes trapped in these units; this lint can easily build up on the dryer’s heating elements and catch fire. To make matters worse, many hotel dryers have to be vented over great distances, which only increases the possibility of lint-related fires. Staff must be made aware of this issue and take every action to prevent it. Make sure your laundry facilities are services regularly. In addition, you may want to speak to your technician about using dryer vent boosters, which can prevent lint accumulation by speeding up circulation.
  3. Have protective measures inspected and repaired
    The most important tip for hotel fire prevention is to stay on top of your fire protection system maintenance. Although working with a fire sprinkler installation service initially is very important, your work doesn’t stop there. You’ll need to ensure that all such systems are regularly inspected and repaired, if need be. Otherwise, you’ll be putting both your staff and your guests at great risk. You can have gauges inspected weekly or monthly and check your alarms checked every three months. Pipes and signage should be inspected once per year. If you can’t remember the last time you had your system checked, schedule it right away.

Of course, it’s vital to work with a fire sprinkler installation service to protect everyone staying and working with you. But you’ll also need to share in those safety responsibilities. By combining staff training, observational skills, and a fire protection plan, you will be more likely to prevent a devastating event at your hotel.

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