Increasing Customer Satisfaction with an Answering Service

Written by Wall Street News on April 25, 2016. Posted in 24 hour live answering service, Answering service maryland, On call after hours answering services

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Have you ever shopped online and needed assistance? You were frustrated because the online shopping cart or the checkout was not working correctly. You looked for a contact number, dialed it and then received an answering machine, because it was after hours. What did you do next? You probably closed out the webpage, and either purchased your items from a different online store or forgot the items entirely. Most customers do not have patience when it comes to online shopping. There are multiple options available, and most online shoppers will simply move onto the next store, a store that they are able to reach any time of the day or night for help.

Smaller companies may find it difficult to keep up with customers? requests and phone calls. They may be owned by one or two people who are only available during business hours. These limitations can greatly affect a company from growing, especially an online store or service. People want to receive assistance immediately, or else they will move on. When a company is not large enough to have additional or around the clock employees, a professional answering service may be helpful.

Considering that 80% of people will hang up on a business if they hear a voicemail, companies need to be able to answer at all times. A professional answering service can provide this service for smaller companies, ensuring that their customers always reach an actual person. What happens next often depends on the company?s preferences and their customers. An answering service can be trained to answer questions and provide assistance to the customers. This often requires more costs and more training. The answering services can also forward the call to the company?s owner. The business owner then has their phone calls screened, and will know to answer the phone, as it is a customer with a question or an issue.

The greatest benefit to a professional answering service is that they can be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Your customers will always be able to reach an actual person. A 24 hour answering service can increase sales, because shoppers late at night can still place their orders. Additionally, shoppers from all around the world can receive assistance with their orders, during their own countries business hours. A 24 hour live answering service ensures that your customers not only receive a live person, but that they are able to ask questions and to also provide feedback.

79% of consumers prefer to interact with companies by phone compared to other options. An online company may be tempted to handle their customer?s communication with online chats or E-mail services, but studies show that the best mode of communication for customer satisfaction is through phone calls. A after hours call service allows customers to communicate in this form whenever they want. Additionally, two thirds of consumers would be willing to spend more with a particular company, 13% more, on average, following an excellent customer service experience.

Online shopping is a huge part of our shopping world today. Many customers enjoy the convenience and savings that it offers. However, customers still want to be able to reach live assistance, if needed. If they are unable to, they are likely to move onto a different store. A live answering service offers many benefits to small company owners, providing 24 hour assistance to their customers. In a variety of ways, this can increase sales and customer satisfaction. It is a great way to grow a business quickly into a successful company.

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