Point To Point Transportation Or Ocean Cargo? Why Choosing The Right Shipping Method Matters

Written by Wall Street News on July 9, 2018. Posted in Air and ocean logistics, Cargo and logistics, Time sensitive logistics

Are you taking advantage of smart shipping this year?

One of the best things you can do for your business this year is double-checking this little detail, because shipping is becoming the biggest deal you can offer to your customers and clients. Good shipping shouldn’t just be affordable, but effective. That means choosing a model that’s designed specifically for your location or taking advantage of air shipping rates for transporting fragile equipment. Cargo companies today are doing their best to adapt to the wave of e-commerce taking the world by force. What you do over the next few months will determine just how many people want to work with you.

An overview on air shipping rates, eco-friendly options and custom shipping methods are below.

Air And Ocean Cargo

Your air shipping rates are likely seeing some changes. That’s because customers are eager for their packages to arrive neatly and quickly, with transportation by air being among the fastest options available to international consumer bases. Air cargo services do the heavy lifting involved in managing and controlling the flow of goods, energy and services today. Air shipping rates can also be among some of the highest. Cargo airlines are designed specifically to transport cargo both nationally and internationally.

Point To Point Transportation

In spite of their reliable speed, sometimes air shipping rates aren’t quite what you need for the job. Small businesses and local shops often benefit more from point to point transportation. This method of shipping decreases the amount of travel time needed thanks to its fast and effective model. With reduced connection time you also have reduced instances of damaged goods, perfect for customers that need to give you trust. You can also combine your new shipping model with eco-friendly methods.

Eco-Friendly Transportation

A great way to draw attention to your brand is to utilize more eco-friendly methods of transportation. Customers want to make sure their dollar is traveling well, which means providing a good service and reducing strain on the environment. Eco-friendly transportation can include recycled boxes and bags to ship goods. It can also mean creating less carbon emissions through point to point transportation. Emphasizing this in your branding should be a key component of any modern marketing campaign.

LTL Shipping

Shipping options are just as varied as the businesses and customers they connect together. LTL (or less than truckload) is another way of making sure you’re not going overboard with the shipping process. The rate of goods transported with LTL shipping methods has been fluctuating a lot these past few years, with higher amounts and shorter transportation times. This can be useful when shipping perishable food or fragile goods. The former should have a proper amount of insulating packaging and dry ice to keep food protected for one to two days at a time.

Choosing The Best Shipping Method

There is no one perfect shipping method. Each job requires a slightly different approach to be successful. Point to point transportation is a fantastic option for small businesses and entrepreneurs that work locally, while air shipping rates should be looked at critically by international companies. The global aviation industry transported an impressive $7 trillion worth of cargo in 2012. Eco-friendly transportation and shipping is also becoming a lot more favored by both customers and businesses. Whatever changes you make this year, trust you’re already moving in the right direction.

Transform your shipping. Choose a certified purchasing agent that’s eager to see you succeed into 2018 and beyond.

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