Protecting Your Floors From Computer Chairs

Written by Wall Street News on March 23, 2018. Posted in Custom chair mat, Double lip thick chair mats

Professional office chair mats

For anyone with a desk job or an at-home computer, you know the importance of a good computer chair. A poor chair means poor posture, an aching spine, and numerous other symptoms to come after sitting in said chair for too long. We might not think about it, but what we are seated on has a serious effect upon on our bodies. Research released by the National Research Council in 2001 showed that 1 million people suffeed from, at one time or another, work-related musculoskeletal disorders, and that these work-related disorders cost employers nearly $45-54 billion. Why would we settle for a second rate chair when it can have such detrimental effects upon us. Or, if we have a good chair and want to secure a sound pairing of furniture, which is most assuredly available among the $12 billion online office furniture industry, why would we consider not using a chair mat?

People often overlook chair mats, quite literally, and it’s a complete shame. Chair mats, those things you’ll see lying under a chair, are meant to provide protection between a piece of furniture and the floor, whether that be hardwood or carpeting. However, it should be stated that there is a difference between the types of mats available: A cheap mat isn’t providing much protection; a cheap mat will degrade quickly, meaning you’ll have to keep spending more money on replacements in an attempt to protect your floors. Yet, it doesn’t have to be that hard. The solution against a cheap mat is that of oversized chair mats — thick, responsive, durable mats that that will stand the test of time, saving you money down the road, whether on another mat or on refurbishing for your floor.

In the case of hardwood flooring, a thick chair mat can be a wonderful thing, as it will protect the integrity of the floor, keeping it free from scuffing or further damage. The last thing you want to deal with when moving your chair is to worry about whether or not you’ll hear an awful screeching sound as you push yourselves backwards. Oversized chair mats are the solution in such cases, giving you a piece of material thick enough that will not wear down from the movement of your chair or the stress exerted onto it. These mats can be ordered as custom chair mats, so, if you wish, they can be designed and purchased so that they fit the interior of your room, fitting into the decorum and aesthetic set by the room and by the hardwood floors.

For those working in office settings, or have carpeting at home, oversized chair mats can save you a lot of stress. It can be difficult to move a chair backwards while sliding it across carpeting, and enough of that stress over the course of an 8 hour workday can lead towards unneeded physical stress and injury. Under such circumstances, office desk floor mats or carpet chair mats are the best option, as they will ensure that the carpeting is protected for years to come, all the while protecting your body. The last thing you want to see in carpeting are the marks of where a chair has been dragged year after year, and oversized chair mats work to ensure that such a thing does not happen.

If you want to protect the integrity of your flooring — hardwood or carpet — from years of a chair being slid back and forth from a desk, consider the endless benefits of oversized chair mats.

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