Unhappy Customers Can Damage Your Company’s Reputation

Written by Wall Street News on December 25, 2017. Posted in Business process outsourcing, Customer service outsourcing company, Outsource customer care


This is the season when customer service matters the most. From the telephone worker who is handling customer concerns to the salespeople on the floor at a major retailer, customer service can make or break a sale. Customers who are treated with respect and purchase reliable products return again and again. Those customers who are ignored, however, tend to walk away from not only a single sale, but future purchases as well.

Although many people shop many places, both online and in the store, these consumers only return to the locations and the websites that offer not only excellent products and services, but customer care as well. The challenge for many companies, though, is that it is difficult to make sure that they tend to the day to day tasks, but at the same time provide great customer service. For this reason, many companies now outsource customer service tasks. By finding a company that provides outsourcing services, businesses of all sizes can make sure that customer complaints and concerns are efficiently solved and dealt with.
Making the Decision to Outsource Customer Care Tasks Can Help Your Business Retain Customers
Customer service outsourcing companies provide a number of offerings to their clients. From answering routine calls about product warranties to making sure that customers complaints are resolved, the decision to outsource these tasks allows you to make sure that you are able to spend your time dealing with the day to day tasks of running a business. A company that takes care of the customer service tasks frees up time for day to day operations to be completed.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the importance of customer service in businesses of all sizes:

  • 86% of customers indicate that they would pay up to 25% more for products and services if they came with a better customer experience.
  • 78% of consumers indicate that they have bailed on a transaction because of a bad service interaction, according to American Express.
  • Only one out of 26 unhappy customers actually make a complaint, according to Store Support CA.
  • 69% of consumers indicate that after a positive customer experience they go on to recommend the company to others, according to research by NewVoiceMedia.
  • 55% of consumers indicate that easy access to information and support can make them fall in love with a brand.
  • 79% of customers indicate that they would take their business to a competitor within a week of a bad customer service experience, according to a report from Forbes.

As the last few hours of the holiday shopping season come to an end, the customer care that you provide will determine whether or not you are able to make a sale, or whether or not you lose a customer forever.

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