Why Billboards Are Necessary to Help a Business Get Customers

Written by Wall Street News on May 21, 2018. Posted in Electronic signs for business, Outdoor led business signs, School marquee

When looking to get new customers, many businesses look for new and effective ways to get the word out. One form of advertising that is still considered a tried-and-true method which is just as good as a TV ad and has just as much lasting power is a billboard. Commercial business signs along a highway or other heavily traveled roadways bring in a lot of new customers. Learn more about the benefits of this form of advertising.

Billboards Attract People Out and About

Over 35% of people would never have learned about a business if it wasn’t for the sign. It makes sense to take advantage of using signage that is off the roadway to help bring new customers in. In fact, over 67% of people make decisions to go into a store or other location while they’re sitting in their car. Help them along in making a decision to come into your store with LED business signs that will catch their attention and make them curious about what you have to offer.

Billboards Are a Less Expensive Form of Advertising

In comparison to TV commercials or print ads, using a billboard is a less expensive form of advertising. Over 30% of individuals said that a billboard sign influenced their choice to visit a retailer when they saw that sign earlier in the week. If you don’t have commercial business signs around an area that’s sure to attract business, see if having them up makes a difference. You want to bring new customers in. and there’s no better way to do so than with a constant reminder on a road they’re likely to cross on a frequent basis. You’ll enjoy the benefits of saving money and getting additional business in comparison to a radio or TV advertisement.

LED Signs Are Another Alternative When it Comes to Commercial Business Signs

If you’re looking for a flashy alternative when it comes to signage, consider LED signs for business. These signs change into another sign or sometimes have animation on the sign that catches people’s attention as they’re driving. This is a modern way of putting a billboard advertisement to good use and can help you feel better about your choice to put up a sign.

Choosing a billboard is a great option for a business that is looking for more customers, but doesn’t want to put the same amount of money into advertising as they would for a TV or radio spot. Since many people are influenced by what they see on billboards and research has shown they respond in a positive manner to billboard advertisements, this is a great way to attract new customers to a location. For businesses that are looking for a modern twist, choosing an LED can attract attention from the highway and generate interest over a product or service. Either way, using billboards is helpful for a company that is looking for additional customers and more revenue.

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