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Basics of Recycling

Written by Wall Street News on March 9th, 2013. Posted in Recycling bloomington il, Recycling champaign il, Recycling peoria il

Recycling springfield il

Recycling is important for our planet. There are curb side recycling Champaign IL for residents, and also drop off recycling centers. A recycling Bloomington IL will provide you with guidelines on what they accept for recycling and how it should be turned in for recycling. Many people know that they can recycle cardboard and certain types of plastics, but there are other items that can be recycled that you may have never considered.

Many types of metal can be turned in at recycling Champaign IL locations. Aluminum and steel are the two easiest to recycle metals. Metal given to recycling peoria il locations can be made into new products, recycled metal uses less resources and energy than creating new metal materials. Metal items typically processed at recycling Champaign IL are soda and food cans, auto parts, sheet metal and old appliances. As an added benefit, many locations will pay you for recycling certain types of metal.

Clear and colored plastics can be turned into recycling springfield il centers. Types of plastics that can be recycled will depend on your processor, so check with the before filling your recycling bin. Recycled plastics can be melted down and reformed into any plastic product. Plastics can be remade into water bottles and other plastic containers, they can also be formed into recycled plastic furniture and other items.

Cardboard and paper are other items commonly given to recycling Champaign IL locations. As the public goes more green, the demand for recycled paper products has increased. Cardboard boxes can be made from old boxes, and paper products can also be washed and reformed into new sheets of paper. A cardboard box can be recycled and remade as many as seven times before the pulp is too fine to be reconstituted.

Turning in household items to recycling champaign il locations is good for you and the earth.