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Get Paid to Make Energy Efficient Home Improvements

Written by Wall Street News on January 20th, 2014. Posted in Electricity prices for business, Save money on electricity, Ways to save on electric bill

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Are you having trouble paying for exorbitant energy bills? The Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports that average monthly utility bills run as high as $95.66. Many Americans, however, are paying high amounts unnecessarily. With relatively simple energy fixes, Americans can shave hundreds off annual energy — and sometimes even have the government reimburse them for household improvements! Here’s what to do:

Get Audited

First and foremost, homeowners and residents need to understand how homes are wasting energy. An energy audit, or a professional assessment, pinpoints areas for improvement. Areas that are responsible for lost heat or inefficient heat transfer, such as poorly insulated doors and windows, are some of the top culprits. Continue Reading No Comments