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First Unionized Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Begin Business in Orange County

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Medical marijuana facility design can have a big impact on a dispensaries ability to attract and retain customers, but a recent move by one dispensary in Orange County, CA will impact the actual people working there. South Coast Safe Access, a dispensary in Santa Ana, has signed a collective bargaining agreement with United Food and Commercial Workers International Union Local 324, according to the Los Angeles Times. The new cannabis business development will go into effect next Monday.

The use of medical marijuana has increased substantially over recent years as more and more health care professionals, lawmakers, and

Dripping Money Away How Household Leaks Contribute to Extreme Water Bills

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Modern plumbing is an innovation that does not seem to get the credit it deserves. Most of us were raised with indoor plumbing; since it has always been in our lives, it makes it difficult to appreciate as it is so hard to think of life without the convenience and luxury of indoor plumbing. There is a semblance of irony in the fact that plumbing is often only considered once issues have coalesced to the point where costly repairs are necessary. Here are some ways that homeowners ought to think about plumbing in order to avoid inevitably costly repairs to their plumbing and sewer pipes.

The Cost of Visible Leaks

Many homes are subject to potential water damage and significant water loss due to unassuming leaks. A single faucet that drips at a rate as low as one drip per m

Shipping Internationally Can Improve Your Profit Margins

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Anyone who owns a business is constantly looking for ways to cut business costs and to save money. Companies that rely on shipping and purchasing of products are especially looking for deals. If they can achieve their product at lower prices, they can pass on the discounts to their customers, increasing their sales. They can also increase their profit margins. In the world that we live in today, we have the option of purchasing and shipping items from overseas, where the products might be cheaper to produce. These products can then be shipped overseas by way of cargo or air, saving the company and the consumer money.

Items from overseas, such as Puerta Puerta Venezuela can be transported by ship or by air. Cargo airlines are dedicated to only transporting cargo both nationally, and internationally.