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4 Points About a Fire Protection System

Written by Wall Street News on April 17th, 2016. Posted in Commercial fire alarm, Fire alarm contractor, Fire protection

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If you own a hotel or an apartment complex or any kind business where there are employees, residents, guests or customers, then I’m sure you understand the importance of having fire protection systems in place. I spoke with a hotel manager one time that informed me that he was under the impression that fire protection companies as well as insurance companies were just out to steal his money and he wasn’t going to implement any kind of protection other than the fire extinguishers that were around the establishment. He was convinced that this would be enough to protect his guests and employees and building. Thankfully, the hotel was shut down before there could be any fatalities. There were many problems with what he said. Fire protectio

Is Your Small Business Sinking Under the Weight of Consumer Fraud? Experts Say Fight Back

Written by Wall Street News on April 17th, 2016. Posted in Credit card, Credit card payment services, Gateway service

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Out of work and looking to make a fresh start? You’re in good company: small businesses owners have added more than 8 million new jobs to the American economy in the last two decades. As the rates of outsourcing increase — along with corporate “downsizing” and offshoring — more Americans than ever are getting into business for themselves. Although startup costs for a new business average $30,000 or more, taking the time to ensure that your business has secure payment options for customers online and in person can help your new businesses stay afloat in a competitive economy.

Speaking with a payment processing consultant can be a productive first step toward ensuring that customers have access to secure payment solutions. For “card not present transactions,” Continue Reading No Comments