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Torque Measurements are Essential for Safety and Monitoring

Written by Wall Street News on May 26th, 2016. Posted in Compression, Force measurement, Tool

Measurement services

From shipping to engineering to construction to hydraulic works, custom load and torque measurements are essential to efficiency and safety. Since each industry and process has different needs, custom calibration kits with sensors and electronics can be designed to meet any monitoring and/or control application. In cases where standard calibration instruments will not work, any instrument, amplifier, or wireless communication equipment can be equipped with sensors. Custom load cells and torque wrench sensors can be designed for industries where accurate load and torque measurement products are needed.

Torque wrench sensors
Torque refers to the tightening force to be used for fasteners like

How Your Clothing Donations Can Help the Environment

Written by Wall Street News on May 26th, 2016. Posted in Charitable donation, Helping disabled veterans, Purple heart donation

Donations to veterans

Americans are a generous bunch. We give about 4.7 billion tons of clothing to charity each year and $358.38 billion was given to such charitable organizations in 2014. Almost three quarters of social media users indicate that they would take some kind of action in response to a friend posting a story on social media about making charitable donations. What few realize is that donating clothing and other textile items can make a significant positive contribution to the environment.

Our consumption over time has increased too; in comparison to 20 years ago, the average American tends to buy almost twice as many pieces of clothing over their lifetime. As much as 5% of all municipal waste