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The Top Three Reasons Why Every Business Should Take Advtanges of Professional Cleaning Services Today

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Even if you don’t think you work a dirty job, chances are that you probably do. For example, you might think a toilet is pretty germy — and it is — but did you know that the average work desk has way more germs on it than an office toilet? And it’s not just one or two times the amount of germs; it can be upwards of 400! Yikes. The average American work desk is home to more than 10 million bacteria, many of which can cause illness. A typical keyboard, chair, and mouse can harbor up to 21,000 germs per square inch, and with the flu virus able to survive on hard surfaces for upwards of two days or more, it’s easy to see why commercial cleaning services might be worthwhile.

Just think of all the hours you spend at work each week. For many hardworking Americans, it can be more than

Why Feminism, Women Working in STEM, and Prototype PCB Assembly All Go So Well Together

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Though pockets of misogynistic beliefs and ideals still exist on mostly individual levels today, it’s hard to believe that these beliefs once ran rampant across the United States and in many parts of the world. For generations and generations, it was believed that women were best suited for traditional gender roles such as taking care of a home, cooking, cleaning, sewing, entertaining, and raising children — all of which required an extraordinary amount of skill but credit was rarely given for these important tasks. In general, women were expected to take on a more a submissive role in the household. Men on the other hand, were charged with providing for the family, handling the finance, working on the car, and doing yard work.

Oh how times have changed!

Women became an integral part of the American