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How Polluted Groundwater Is Cleaned and Treated

Written by Wall Street News on June 22nd, 2016. Posted in Coal ash wastewater, Environmental remediation contractor, Water treatment equipment

Water treatment technologies

Water is essential for all life on the planet but pollution and other water issues keep many of the world’s inhabitants lack access to clean water. More than 95% of the United States’ available fresh water resources comes from groundwater. This provides drinking water for about half of the nation’s population. Between 85 and 95% of pollutants are removed through primary and secondary waste treatments before it is then disinfected and returned to the local waterways. Environmental pollution remains a problem. In terms of hazardous waste sites around the country, more than 80% of them do negatively impact water in the area. Newer remediation equipment and techniques make cleaning up waste water possible.

  1. The goal of all groundwater remediation is to clean up polluted water. Keeping