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Written by Wall Street News on September 11th, 2016. Posted in A career in sales, Career in sales and marketing, How to hire sales people

Is sales a good career

Selling is not for everyone. It takes an exceptional type of person to be successful in sales. There was a time when a salesperson simply had to be sharp, quick, and a great talker to make a sale. Now, however, potential customers are no longer willing to sit and listen to a sales pitch that is mostly full of fluff and seems to make the product look and sound great, with no apparent meaty filling in the pitch. People now will not go any further than an introduction if they don’t see a level of trust and truth building at the beginning of the conversation.

Sales staffing agencies are the go to companies for finding a trained, reliable salesperson. A person considering career in sales and marketing would be wise to begin by visiting some reputable sales staffing agencies to le