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When We Take Care of Our Water We Take Care of Our Planet

Written by Wall Street News on March 26th, 2017. Posted in Engineering firm, Surface water quality monitoring butte, Water quality monitoring

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When we take care of our water, we are taking care of the Planet. Every day, the United States alone draws 349 billion gallons of freshwater. Of that 349 billion gallons, only 26% of it is what is known as groundwater. That means that only 79.6 billion gallons a day currently comes from groundwater. Environmental engineering suggests that there is much more we can do with groundwater.

Roughly 25% of all rainwater becomes groundwater, providing much of the flow to streams and leading directly to the water table. At the same time, water quality reports give a rather bleak outlook for our water at present. These reports tell us that some 45% of streams, 32% of bays, and almost half of ou