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Dove Utilizes Blow Molding for Custom Bottle Manufacturing in New Advertising Campaign

Written by Wall Street News on May 10th, 2017. Posted in Plastic container manufacture, Plastic jars with lids, Plastic spray bottles

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The well-known Dove soap brand has promoted a message of “real beauty” in its advertising and promotions for the past few years. This campaign has featured women of all skin tones and body shapes to highlight the societal need for increased acceptance, while also promoting the brand’s various personal hygiene products. According to Plastic News (Dove takes its ‘real beauty’ message to its bottles), the newest branch of this campaign involves blow molded bottles.

The “Real Beauty Bottles” campaign, as it was titled by creator Ogilvy London, features six different bottle designs that vary in shape, just like actual women’s bodies. The bottles range from

Understanding Rentable and Usable Square Footage

Written by Wall Street News on May 10th, 2017. Posted in Determining warehouse space needs, Tampa warehouse, Warehouse orlando

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There are a few things in commercial leases that can seem confusing. One of the most common issues is understanding rentable and usable square footage. Knowing the difference between these two kinds of spaces will save a business owner a lot of confusion. Determining warehouse space needs is determined by figuring out the usable and rentable space needed. Commercial real estate development is a thriving industry with great vacancies available. In this post, you will learn more about both usable and rentable commercial space.

Usable office space is the area that is inhabited by an office. It is important to know what usable office space you are getting when leasing commercial property. There are different va