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Natural Gas The World’s Most Powerful Energy Source

Written by Wall Street News on December 26th, 2017. Posted in Biodiesel fuel oil prices, Md energy suppliers, Natural gas supplier bge

Firm fixed gas

It is a riddle: What is used to power nearly 66.7 million homes, 5.4 million businesses like hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and supermarkets, as well as 192,000 factories and 1,9000 electric generating units. It is a clean fuel compared to others, releases 25-30% less CO2 than oil and 40-50% less than coal per unit of energy produced.

The answer is simple: It is natural gas.

Natural gas comprises almost one-fourth of all primary energy used in the United States and is directly linked to jobs and economic health. The natural gas industry supports the employment of nearly 3 million Americans in all 50 states. It is used in a wide variety of products and establishments. In particular, there is one: the trucking industry.

The trucking industry is an industry that is in the transportation se