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Only 1% Of The Planet’s Water Is Drinkable How Environmental Remediation Keeps People Healthy

Written by Wall Street News on August 11th, 2018. Posted in Coal ash waster water, Groundwater treatment and technology, Remediation projects

Water gives us the gift of life. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the easiest elements to contaminate.

The subject of clean water has only become more and more widespread these past few years. Customers and businesses alike want to know they’re investing in clean water, but determining this takes more than just a simple taste test. Construction dewatering, remediation services and filters are just a few ways of removing contaminants and creating a clean drinking source. Considering the damage that can be spread when water is infected with bacteria or trace metals, handing over this responsibility to professionals is one of the best ways to make sure you never have to worry about contamination.

What can environmental remediation contractors do to improve your water supply?

Water Around The World

Did you know only 3% of the planet’s water is fresh? This