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Creating and Reusing Plastic Goods

Written by Wall Street News on April 5th, 2019. Posted in Encapsulation molding process, Insert molding magnets, Structural foam molding

“Plastic” refers to a family of man-made polymer materials used in a wide variety of applications today. First pioneered in the early 1900s, plastic such as polyurethane and others have become a staple in many industries, and a person today may find plastic all around them. Everything from car parts to computers to kids’ toys and household appliances use plastics of different sorts. However, this plastic is not mined from a quarry or logged in a forest. Rather, this artificial material is created in factories, and polymers of all sorts are injected into molds and allowed to cure into finished products. Not surprisingly, today’s demand for plastics is enormous, and factories are ready to keep up with demand. Structural foam molding, reactive encapsulation molding materials, and the polyurethane injection molding process, among others, are used to produce this material in vast quantities for today’s demands. How might polyurethane injection molding processes get the job done? While there

The Purity of Gas in Industries

Written by Wall Street News on April 5th, 2019. Posted in Disposable calibration gas cylinder, Disposable gas cylinder, High purity gas

Gases of many sorts are useful for many applications across the United States, and there are also industries built around providing it, shipping it, and ensuring that gas is pure enough for its intended purpose. Unfortunately, leaks or impurities may sometimes impair the purity and function of specialty gas, even natural gas. This means that calibration gases may be used to test suspected gas of any faults, and this can save a workforce time and money by diagnosing the problem early and trading in the faulty gas. Natural gas standards can be maintained this way, and these natural gas standards may be an industry standard. These natural gas standards are critical since the United States makes generous use of natural gas as a power source, and those natural gas standards may help prevent damage to utilities due to rough and impure gas being used. What else is there to know about gas in the workplace? When is it time to order calibration gas cylinders?

Natural Gas

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