3 Reasons to Schedule Borescope Inspections

Written by Wall Street News on October 27, 2018. Posted in Borescope inspection, Turbine support services

Throughout a typical plant, there is no shortage of machinery and equipment. With that in mind, these items work hard to ensure that a plant continues to remain successful. Unfortunately, there are times when unexpected events happen to this wide range of equipment. When this happens, it’s important to contact borescope inspection services. Considering that, here are three situations where borescope inspections are beneficial.

  1. Removing Lost Objects

    Plant employees don’t only work with machinery, they often utilize a wide range of tools. While you don’t want to think about it, these tools often end up being misplaced. When tools and similar items fall into unreachable places, it’s wise to have the help of a borescope. Considering that, borescope inspection services regularly help companies retrieve lost items from hard to reach locations.
  2. Finding the Source of a Problem

    Considering the type employees spend at work, they’re likely to know when something isn’t operating properly. For certain types of equipment, it’s easy to find and fix any problems. These matters become more complicated when problems arise in areas workers can’t safely reach. Fortunately, borescope inspection services are able to see inside of pipes, turbines, and other areas. In turn, this allows your company to find out the exact source of a problem.
  3. Inspecting Plant Equipment

    Borescope inspections aren’t only for problems. It’s a wise idea to contact this service in order to have thorough equipment inspections performed. These inspections help point out any areas that could be improved upon. For instance, salt particles attaching to turbine blades can slow the power output of these items by up to 15%. Therefore, a borescope inspection of gas turbines enables these items to continue working in an efficient manner. Borescopes are also used to inspect pipes, tanks, pressure vessels, and other types of plant equipment.

In closing, there are several important reasons to schedule a borescope inspection. A borescope is able to reach areas that are often inaccessible by plant employees. You don’t want to risk the safety of your workers while trying to inspect certain types of plant equipment. In addition, these inspections help you remain aware of any potential problems. Resolving these problems before they become out of hand enables your plant to continue operating successfully.

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