3 Tips to Find a Quality Freight Forwarding Company

Written by Wall Street News on January 31, 2018. Posted in American cargo service, Freight cargo companies, Purchasing agent job description

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Many businesses need to have items shipped all over the world. With that in mind, it’s wise for a business to seek out working with a freight forwarding companies. These companies help ensure that many aspects of international shipping are taken care of with ease. Having shipping matters taken care of allows business owners to focus on other aspects of their respective companies. With that in mind, here are three tips to follow in order to find an international freight forwarder.

  1. Understand Your Shipping Requirements

    When choosing a freight forwarder, you’ll need to find out more about what you’re shipping. For instance, you might need to look at freight forwarders that are able to handle the number of shipped items you need to send out. If you’re in a hurry to get items shipped, it’s wise to utilize air shipping. Many businesses prefer the decreased risk of product damage and fast shipping times provided by utilizing air cargo as a shipping method. It’s important to keep shipping costs in mind while working with freight forwarders. You’ll find that overnight delivery can sometimes cost 50% more than more standard delivery options.
  2. Find a Company That Handles Multiple Shipment Types

    You’ll likely find that the initial requirements of your business will change as your company begins to grow. With that in mind, it’s wise to work with a freight forwarder that will be able to accommodate your business as it expands. It’s imperative to utilize freight forwarding companies that offer multiple shipping services in order to meet your needs.
  3. Ensure You’ll Have Adequate Customer Support

    The freight forwarding process can become confusing, especially to a business that is only beginning to ship items. A freight forwarding company can help ensure your business is shipping items utilizing the best available methods. It’s best to work with a freight forwarding company that offers a reliable and friendly customer service department. If you’re seeking environmentally friendly shipping methods, it’s wise to utilize recycled items while preparing items to be shipped out.

To summarize, there are several important considerations to make when choosing a freight forwarder. It’s important to prepare information related to what and how many items you are shipping. Providing information about upcoming shipments allows freight forwarders to better work with your business. Working with a business that ships multiple types of items is a great partner for any growing company to have. It’s also important to find a freight forwarding company that offers adequate customer support while your items are being shipped across the world.

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