4 Ideas for a Worker That is Planning to Retire

Written by Wall Street News on January 9, 2018. Posted in Christian retirement gifts, Crystal anniversary gifts, Crystal thank you gifts

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Finding a great employee can sometimes be tough for a business owner. Turnover rates carry major costs for businesses across the world. It’s important to ensure that employees who have remained with your company know they’re appreciated when their time to retire approaches. Statistics show that the average age for a worker to retire is when they are 63 years old. With that in mind, it’s wise to do everything possible to show retiring employees how much you care. Considering that, here are four great ideas for a worker that is about to retire.

  1. Throw Them a Party

    It’s important that employees who are about to retire receive the recognition they deserve. You’ll find that throwing a party for a worker is great to celebrate their years of service with your business. In addition, current workers will likely love the chance to get away from their desks for a few hours. Statistics show that by the year 2022, over 500,000 are expected to become retirees. For example, a nurse that is about to retire could have a party thrown in a nearby event room while everyone is still near patients. You might want to ask friends of the retiring worker what type of celebration they would prefer to have. For instance, more quiet workers might wish that their parties are quicker events rather than longer celebrations.
  2. Encourage Workers to Bring Small Gifts

    You’ll find that many workers have developed close relationships with someone who is about to retire. Considering that, you might find it beneficial to ask employees to bring a small gift to a retirement party. However, it’s understandable to not want to impose which means it’s best to give gifts small. In addition, it might be better to ask each employee in the office to pitch in for a gift card or other type of gift. A plaque of appreciation that is purchased through all workers chipping in a small amount of money makes for a great retirement gift. You’ll find that retirement gifts often work well when they are associated with a specific industry. For instance, police retirement gifts are extra special when they are themed around law enforcement.
  3. Have Everyone in the Office Sign a Card

    If you feel uncomfortable with asking workers to chip in for a gift, a card is another great retirement idea. You’ll want to ensure that the card is passed around for each colleague to sign. Depending on the size of your office, you might need to find a large sized card to purchase. Considering that, it’s important to get workers to sign this card while they are away from the future retiree. These events let all workers show how much they are part of a group. Statistics show that 86% of businesses that utilize employee recognition programs report increases in overall worker happiness.
  4. Give Retirees an Award

    Many companies give awards to employees when they reach a certain milestone. For example, a company may give workers a 5 or 10 years service award. With that in mind, you’ll definitely want to ensure that new retirees receive their very own retirement award. A retirement award is a special type of dedication that shows your appreciation for the years an employee has put in with your business. It’s important to personalize the retirement award that will be given out to a worker. For example, a manager that is set to retire might enjoy receiving a best boss award.

To summarize, there are several steps you’ll want to consider as retirees approach their last working day. Throwing a party for retirees is a great and fun way for everyone within a company to show their appreciation. You might find it beneficial to have workers bring small gifts or all go in on a slightly more expensive overall purchase. Giving a retiree a card signed by all of their work colleagues is a great idea you’ll definitely want to utilize. A heartfelt retirement award is the perfect gift idea for a worker who is about to leave your company.

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