4 Points About a Fire Protection System

Written by Wall Street News on April 17, 2016. Posted in Commercial fire alarm, Fire alarm contractor, Fire protection

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If you own a hotel or an apartment complex or any kind business where there are employees, residents, guests or customers, then I’m sure you understand the importance of having fire protection systems in place. I spoke with a hotel manager one time that informed me that he was under the impression that fire protection companies as well as insurance companies were just out to steal his money and he wasn’t going to implement any kind of protection other than the fire extinguishers that were around the establishment. He was convinced that this would be enough to protect his guests and employees and building. Thankfully, the hotel was shut down before there could be any fatalities. There were many problems with what he said. Fire protection companies are definitely not in the business of scamming businesses. They are there to offer protection to your establishment and the people inside them, including yourself. Here is a little break down of the issues that the above hotel owner missed.

Know the Law
There are certain laws, regulations and requirements regarding fire protection that need to be implemented if you are going to run a business. These are not put there to make life difficult for you. They have been researched and determined based on facts, statistics and safety measures that have been deemed appropriate by various parties. If you are unsure what the regulations are you can contact fire protection companies or even some insurance companies will be able to advise you on what exactly you need to be in line with the law about fire protection. If you know the laws regarding fire protection that you don’t need to worry about being shut down, fined or worse, a fire starting and injuries and fatalities occurring because of your lack of preparation.

Know the System
It’s a good idea to understand how your system operates after being installed. You should know what causes it to go off, what it does not detect, how to disable and enable it, what could cause it to go off on accident, if it connects to the firehouse, etc. The fire protection company that installs it will be able to give you the run down of how it works and you should make sure to take notes and be fully knowledgeable about the system. This will give you the upper hand if there is a false alarm and also during a real warning call.

Know the Reasoning
It’s not enough just to know the law. The law is put in place so there is a minimum requirement to follow. However, if you are a smart business owner, you will not only implement the minimum requirements. Getting advice from fire protection companies is a good idea because they can give you different options according to the size of your establishment, the risk factors that kitchens and electricity pose and more information. You have to have a sense of compassion when looking into this. If you just look at it from the stand point of money or logistics, you will lose sight of the real reason that fire protection needs to be in place: the people. It’s there to save lives and keep everyone safe from harm.

Know the Plan
Other than having a fire alarm systems and sprinklers, or whatever you decide on, you should also have a plan of action should a fire occur. Escape routes, policies and plan should be known by all the employees and posted around where the customers or guests will be able to see them and familiarize themselves with the plans in the event that a fire happens. Regular fire drills may be a hassle for the employees but should an actual fire happen, they are very helpful. Fire drills create a sort of muscle memory that can not only help the employees to know what to do and where to go but cuts down on the chaos and panic that surrounds a fire.

Having a fire alarm or some sort of protection system can save the building itself as well. Some insurance companies won’t even cover a business or building if there is not sufficient fire protection in place. Don’t make the mistake of the hotel manager and forego the important stuff.

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