5 Tips for a Simplified Shipping Process

Written by Wall Street News on May 4, 2018. Posted in Industrial machinery movers, Ltl freight, Trade show freight

Shipping services are important for a variety of reasons, and they will continue to be important for many years to come. They are responsible for shipping a variety of commodities including machinery, vehicles and electronics, which are the most popular, and the value is expected to increase significantly. This being said, you may find yourself in need of shipping services soon for any of your shipments. No matter what your shipping, less than a truck load shipments, normal pallet shipments, large shipments, trade show shipments or anything, knowing a few tips can help save time and money altogether when it comes to money.

Accurate Information

Providing accurate information is vital in order to get the most out of your trade show shipments. Make sure to write information down and check it and double check it in order to make sure all of the information is correct. Ensure that weight and dimensions are accurate and make sure that both fall within the truckload logistics requirements. Make sure that shipment doesn’t include oversize freight or overweight freight.

Bill of Lading

An accurate bill of lading is vital for all shipments including trade show shipments. Many trucking companies do not audit each and every bill of lading, but they are beginning to audit more and more. Accuracy for bill of ladings are becoming a leading problem for trucking companies, leading to more and more audits.

Trucking Limits of Liability

Ensure that you are aware of what the limits of liability are for your specialty freight services. Weight this against how much your shipment is worth and the value of your shipment. If your trucking company doesn’t offer enough liability for your shipment then you should consider additional freight insurance. This can help ensure that your shipment is protected in the event something happens.

Pack Properly

Ensure that your shipment is packaged properly to protect it from the shipping process. Wrap your pallet and ensure that it is snug and cushioned. This protects your shipment in the event it slides around during the shipping process. Measures are usually taken to ensure your shipment is safe during the shipping process, but somethings cannot be prevented. Take care to do your part to keep your shipment safe.

Shipment Schedules

All shipping services have delivery times, but it’s important to know that these are just estimates. There is not a definite guarantee that your shipment will arrive at this time therefore if you need it by a certain time then it may not arrive by then. If your shipment is needed soon, then choosing a guaranteed delivery is probably the best choice.

Shipping services are convenient, but only when properly used. If they are not used properly they can go from convenient to a hassle in a hurry. Use these tips to ensure that your shipping needs and services go as smoothly as possible.

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