5 Tips for Choosing the Right Childcare for Your Child

Written by Wall Street News on April 14, 2016. Posted in After school program, Child care, Daycare payment

Child care

It is estimated that less than a third of children in the United States have a full time stay at home parent. Gone are the days of the stay at home guardian. In this fast paced life, many times having two working parents is essential. This means that, especially if you are a working professional, there will come a point and time when you will have to let your child go to daycare. Currently there are over 32 million children in some form of child care. There are several choices when it comes to a daycare arrangement. You can go the private route or choose a daycare center. Regardless of your choice there are several things to consider before handing over your child.

Think of Choosing a Daycare Provider Like Hiring a Family Member or Friend

Even if a childcare provider comes highly recommended by several people, the first test of whether you want them to be a part of your child’s early development can be figured out through conversation. It is important that you and your future childcare provider share the same views, not just in terms of your child’s development, but also in general life philosophy. The general rule is, you should not leave your child with a person you wouldn’t consider as a friend.

Look at Things in Care Area From a Child’s Perspective

Whenever you are assessing a new daycare center or in home facility, it is important to get as low as possible, this way you will be able to see how child friendly the space is. There are a lot of things that adults may miss from their perspective that could be dangerous to child, such as sharp edges and precarious perched items. It is also important to observe the staff and see if they are spending a good deal of time on the children’s level as well. Children respond better developmentally when they are engaged on their level.

Do Surprise Visits to Get the Full Story

Even after you have decided on a daycare it is still important to drop in when least expected from time to time to check on your child. This way you will have a chance to see how things operate when parents aren’t around. Things to look out for include: how the children being treated, are all the children being actively cared for or engaged? Another important way to get the inside scoop is by asking your child about their day. On a lighter note, it is always nice to surprise a young child with a visit, these memories stick with kids.

Make Sure They Are Using the Most Up to Date Daycare Software

When it comes to software for daycare, there are several choices. Child care management software for daycare is an essential tool. It is used to keep track important health and safety information of each individual child. For example, immunizations, emergency contacts, approved pick-up guardians and meal planning. There are also several types of educational software for daycare which can help enrich the lessons.

This list is by no means exhaustive. It is important to get as much information about your potential childcare provider as possible. Another quick tip is to not be afraid to change course if you feel that your child care provider isn’t a good fit. There is nothing wrong in trusting your intuition when it comes to your child. We all want what is best for our children, which means you have to use all your tools and faculties to provide with a safe and nurturing environment.

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