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Written by Wall Street News on December 29, 2016. Posted in Pay per click advertising rates, Web development rhode island, Website advertising google

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The internet has changed the way we do business and, over the years, the way we use the internet has also changed. Today, it is estimated that every month, there are 100 billion searches made with search engines around the planet. Roughly 93% of all internet experiences begin with a search engine. In terms of pay per click advertising (PPC), advertising agencies report that when companies use AdWords, every dollar spent brings in two. In light of that, here are some tips to help you get the most from your internet marketing.

  1. Make your site look great on mobile devices. This is especially important for local businesses. At least 52% of paid search clicks are made on mobile devices. More and more people are using their mobile devices to access the internet. This is even more important for local businesses because when people are out and about, they look to their mobile devices when they are looking for goods and services in their area. Advertising agencies tell their clients to tailor their online marketing campaigns to look good on mobile devices. This can only help your PPC campaigns.
  2. Focus on retargeting. There are a number of reasons people visit your site and then leave without converting. Most of the time, the bounce rate is not connected to the goods or services that you offer. Unfortunately, most of the people who visit your website will never return. The question becomes how to change that. This is where retargeting comes in handy. This lets you put cookies into your visitors’ browser. That means your site can stay on the radar screen of people who visit your site, say advertising agencies. All PPC campaigns can benefit from the addition of retargeting.
  3. Add social media ads to your campaign. PPC is not just AdWords and Bing Ads. Another way to jump start your PPC campaign is to add in some sponsored content on Facebook and Twitter. One reason your conversion rate will go up is that people are more likely to buy from a brand they are already familiar with. By spending some time and money on ads on various social networks, you increase the awareness of your brand and drive, not just more people but more sales to your website.
  4. Put through bids on stuff sold by your competitor. This may be counterintuitive but works. If you do not think it is, you should know that there is a very good chance that your competitors are already bidding on the products and services that you sell. Your competitors want the people who are looking for your goods and services and you should want the people looking for theirs. Experts at advertising agencies say this is an effective way to get your site in front of more people. If the landing page you have designed is good enough, you may be able to get them to buy from you and not your competition.
  5. Look into Gmail promotions. Gmail is one of the most widely used email platforms on the planet. You can now buy ads that are targeted to people based on the content of their email messages. This is called, “Gmail Sponsored Promotions.” Advertising agencies say this is another effective way to drive traffic to your site. This is a fairly new feature but so far, has been shown to be very effective and a good use of your keyword marketing budget.
  6. Pay attention to what ads are working and what are not. No ad campaign is a static thing. You have to constantly be checking, testing and tweaking your PPC campaign to see which of your advertising is getting results and what is not. It has been estimated that over 61% of all spending on PPC goes towards clicks that just do not convert. It is important to keep evaluating and tweaking your campaigns so that you are putting your budget towards the ads and the terms that bring you more than visitors, they bring clicks that convert to sales.

It is no question that at least 83% of business leaders report feeling good about the PPC market. All this means is that you can grow your business with the right PPC campaign.

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