6 Tips to Get the Most Mileage from Your Digital Signs for Business

Written by Wall Street News on March 28, 2016. Posted in Marquee signs for schools, Outdoor led business signs, Signs for churches

Digital signs for business

Business signage can play an important role in any marketing strategy. Many people, about 35%, admit they only discover businesses because of the signs they see out front. Research into consumer habits shows that changing a sign or adding a new one increase sales revenue. It has been shown that when a company puts in a bugger store front sign, they see a revenue increase of about 7.7%. Thus is one of the reasons that digital signs for business are becoming so popular.

Tips for Increasing Your Revenue with Digital Signs for Business:

  1. Use movement to get attention. One of the best features of digital signs for business that you cannot get from traditional signs is the images and text can move. This draws more attention to the signs. The movement itself does not need to be flashy or gaudy to get attention. You might want to think about using all of fun features that are available with electric business signs such as video or television streams. Approximately 70% of people surveyed say they notice the ads they see on the street. You can make your business’s ads really stand out if they are digital.
  2. Your copy still needs to be compelling. One thing that is true of all advertising, whether it is digital or print, is that the copy needs to be easy to read and make sense for your business and the products or services that you sell. This means the text is compelling and the font is easy to read. Few things turn people off more than copy that they cannot understand.
  3. Use attractive colors. When you make up full color led signs, you need to apply the same principles you use when designing print ads. You should use simple but attractive colors that capture the eye but do mot detract from your message. When you work on the color scheme for your outdoor led business signs, you need to take into consideration what other colors will be around the sign. For example, think about how your signs look outside vs. inside. Are you putting them only up outside your business or are they also inside? Think about how your signs will look next to what is around them.
  4. Consider using other feeds on your signs. Most digital signs for business are connected to the internet. Because of this you can link your internet feeds directly to your signs. This can be RSS feeds, Twitter streams or other social media content. if you keep it relevant to your product, this can be a fun way to get the most mileage out of your digital signage.
  5. Keep your content on your digital signs fresh and current. Unlike traditional signs that are static and harder to update, digital signs can be changed as often as you like. This gives you a lot of flexibility and opportunities to update your sign with new information. If you run a restaurant, you can put your daily specials on your signage, for example.
  6. Include some kind of call to action in your digital signage. Ask people to do something in your sign. This can be as simple as visiting your web site or going into your business and mentioning the ad . If you run a brick and mortar business, offer a discount for anyone who mentions the ad they saw outside. So something that has a direct result of action on the part of the people who have viewed and read your signs. This can also help you see what signs are working and what are not.

Using digital signs for business can have a direct impact on your bottom line. In general business signs generate a lot of interest and buzz around a company. They let people know where you are and what you do. That is often an important part of generating new business. You can get a lot of mileage out of your business signs when you add a digital component. Just make sure all of you ads and marketing have the same message. With static or digital signs, repetition is the key to a successful marketing campaign.

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