An Interesting Look at the Spur Gear

Written by Wall Street News on December 9, 2013. Posted in Gear cutting, Gear manufacturing companies, Gear manufacturing methods

Bevel gear manufacturer

Did you know that gears are one of the oldest tools that are used to transmit motion? There are many different types of gears available for numerous uses. Take a look at some of the more common gears out there.

A gear, otherwise known as a cogwheel, is generally a circular piece of metal with teeth. When it is meshed with another gear or piece of machinery, it allows for the transmission of torque. A bevel gear is shaped like a right circular cone. Like a spur gear, this bevel gear is versatile become it allows you to change the operating angle of the gear. Cast iron is one of the most popular materials used to make bevel gears and spur gears because it is durable, and it does not wear easily.

Spur gears, as we mentioned are also very common. These gears are also known as straight cut gears and are considered by many to be the most simple type of gear. A gear of this type is composed of a disk or cylinder that has the gear teeth protruding in a radially manner. While they are not actually straight sided, each tooth is straight. These teeth are also aligned in a parallel fashion the rotation axis. Spur gears are usually used in situations where there needs to be a constant drive ration. Spur gears are meshed together only if they are fitted to the correct parallel shafts.

A helical gear offers bit more refinement than spur gears. The edges of the teeth of this type of gear are not placed parallel to the axis, but are actually placed at an angle. These teeth that are angled will engage in a more gradual fashion than a spur gear, which creates a more smooth and quiet operation.

There are many situations in manufacturing or other industries that will require gears, including spur gears that are custom built. You may require a spur gear that is created in different materials such as carbon steel or titanium for added strength.

Custom gear manufacturing can help you design the best spur gear or other gear that will assist your manufacturing industry needs.

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