Are You Concerned About the Safety of Your Drinking Water?

Written by Wall Street News on September 20, 2017. Posted in Construction dewatering methods, Groundwater engineering company, Water treatment companies

Choosing an environmental contractor

Experts from water treatment companies across the country may find themselves working or volunteering shifts in the areas hardest hit by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. As the states of Florida, Louisiana, and Texas continue to find ways to work their ways through difficult days, months, and years, many water treatment companies will provide both guidance and assistance. Finding the difficult to solutions to some of the lowest locations in the nation, for instance, can help these experts find solutions that can be implemented in locations that are much higher. In fact, if the water levels continue to increase, more and more communities may find themselves dealing with construction dewatering projects that they have never had to face before.
Planning for the worst case scenarios, in fact, can help every other community improve their efforts to get clean water to their residents even in the face of natural disasters. When we hear the news and weather reporters talk about a once in a lifetime storm, or a 100 year water event, we begin to wonder if these historic events when continue to grow more common.
from groundwater monitoring and remediation that happens after a flood to the use of other environmental remediation contracting services, the areas that have been the hardest hit by the latest hurricanes may serve as a testing ground for other professionals around the country. In an effort to make flooded areas safe to live in again, it should come as no surprise that it will take an enormous work force to see that the various remediation projects are completed. As the nation works to solve these problems, one bright side of the whole disaster is that more and more people may be getting training in these recovery processes.
Consider some of these statistics about the complicated tasks that water treatment companies find themselves in, as well as the other remediation needs that are across the country:

  • 80% of the most serious hazardous waste sites in America have adversely impacted the quality of ground water that is nearby.
  • 16,000 chemical spills occur from trains, trucks, and storage tanks every year. Often, these spills happen during the transfer of materials.
  • 95% of the nation’s available fresh water resources are from ground water, and these same waters serve as the drinking water source for 50% of the people in America.
  • 70% of industrial waste is dumped into the water bodies that are connected to and pollute the usable water supply.
  • A mere 1% of the Earth?s water is suitable for drinking.

Whether you are a home owner in one of the areas hardest hit by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma or you are buying a new home and trying to determine the environmental status of an area where you are considering, the help of water treatment companies and groundwater technologies can help you make important progress and decisions.

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