Benefits of Using Modular Buildings on Construction Sites

Written by Wall Street News on April 15, 2017. Posted in Industrial shipping container, Portable and easy to relocate conex containers, Shipping container solutions

Modular housing

Space is extremely valuable on construction sites. No construction manager wants to deal with cramped spaces which could prove to be dangerous, especially around a pipeline. However, sometimes projects might not have the budget in their pipeline to install brick and mortar housing on their projects.

There is something called a modular building that may just be what you are in need of. Modular buildings have many benefits associated with their use. Many construction businesses are seeking out modular housing in favor of traditional building options. In this post, you will learn more about the benefits of modular buildings for your construction site.

  1. Quickness of Build: One burden associated with needing new housing is the time it takes. First, you have to procure materials. Next, the building process is started which can take four to six months. However, building housing from a container used for shipping only takes about two to three weeks. Certain modular buildings can even be constructed in only one to two weeks. Modular housing solutions can be built in one-fifth of the time that it takes for units built on site.
  2. Durability: Modular buildings are extremely resistant to weather. You won’t have to worry about rain, snow, or ice damaging your building. In addition, most container structures have, on average, a lifespan of 25 years. If you regularly ensure your building is taken care of with regular paint and maintenance, it could last for even longer.
  3. Space Savers: Modular containers can be stacked upon each other, great for saving as much space as possible. In most cases, you won’t have the mobility and flexibility options with brick and mortar construction that come with modular construction.
  4. Better for the Environment: Modular homes are often built in a factory, which is a controlled environment. This environment ensures that there are fewer wasted materials during the building process. Also, using modular buildings has been shown to reduce waste by 35-40 percent, when compared to units built on site.

In conclusion, using modular buildings can provide huge savings for your next project. The rate at which these buildings can be created provides speedy space solutions. These buildings can make a cramped project space much safer. You don’t want a worker to run into something like a pipeline because they had no space. Modular building are incredibly durable which makes them perfect for stormy seasons. You will find that using a container for housing is a big space. Container units are built to be stacked side by side or on top of each other. Modular units require far fewer materials and cut back on waste when compared to units constructed on site.

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