Advantages of Choosing of Spiral Duct

Written by Wall Street News on October 30th, 2018. Posted in Benefits of oval ducts, Smacna, Spiral duct fitting

Whether you are building a home or buying an industrial building, you’re going to want to think about the kind of ductwork you want. The two main choices are spiral or rectangular. Perhaps it’s not something you’ve given much thought to before, but there are a considerable amount of differences between rectangular ducts and spiral ducts (also known as an oval duct). In general, spiral ducting tends to be the better choice of the two for a range of reasons such as easier fitting, lower price, less air leakage, and less interruptions of airflow.

Spiral Duct Fitting

Spiral duct fitting is much more secure than that of rectangular ducts. The lack of sharp joints and angles allows for an easier, well sealed fit. They are also easier to fit into your home, because you don’t have to account for the three extra inches of space required for the connections and reinforcements needed with rectangular ducts.


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