How Pharmaceutical Companies Are Keeping Consumers Protected From Counterfeit Drugs With Serialisation Techniques

Written by Wall Street News on February 22nd, 2016. Posted in Blister pack packaging, Pharma track and trace, Serialisation pharma

Track and trace pharma

Science is an amazing thing in the right hands. However, many people have been using it to their own advantage in a way that does not benefit the larger public. For example, drug counterfeit and adulteration has become a huge problem in recent years and something that many people aren’t aware of. The Internet only further drives the illegal drug trade and fake prescription medicines are in high demand. Pharmaceutical companies are trying desperately to fix the widespread problem and introducing stricter measures and protocols that they hope will help stop a serious issue. Serialisation pharma is one of those measures — making sure that each package that goes through an assembly line is followed until delivery into a store near you, to assure that nothing has been tampered with or rerouted.