What to Know About the New Uprise in Repurposing Old Shipping Containers

Written by Wall Street News on September 20th, 2018. Posted in Conex containers for offices, Containerized generator, Modular housing solutions

More and more Americans are looking to both downsize their living spaces while also making ecologically friendly choices. One option for these like-minded individuals is to move into a retired industrial shipping container — otherwise known as conex containers. These industrial containers are portable and easy to relocate, yet boasts awesome features such as stackability, durability and weather resistance.

Shipping containers are known to last for over 20 years as long as they undergo regular maintenance, which is minimal. These tiny homes can be built in a factory in as little as two to three weeks, which is a remarkable difference when you compare the wait time to an small house that averages around 4-6 months to complete. Creating modular housing is easy and inexpensive. And with estimates suggesting that there are around 24 million retired industrial shipping containers on earth, there are plenty of tiny homes to go around. Repurposed shipping containers provide a solution