Three Ways to Reduce Water Consumption In Cooling Towers

Written by Wall Street News on August 26th, 2016. Posted in Closed loop cooling tower, Cooling tower manufacturer, Cooling towers

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Cooling towers are arguably the most essential parts of industrial buildings or manufacturing plants. They keep some of the massive machinery cool, which is very important because otherwise, they would implode or become extremely hot and dangerous.

There are two types of cooling towers: Wet and dry. Dry towers don’t use water like the wet ones, but the wet ones are undoubtedly more effective than the dry. Many might argue that using less water is very important for environmental reasons, and this is true, but a malfunctioning or dangerous plant is even worse. That’s why we have a couple of suggestions for you for ways to reduce water consumption in the use of your cooling towers:

Keep the Water Clean

How Cooling Tower Systems Can Help Build a Safer Refinery

Written by Wall Street News on March 6th, 2013. Posted in Closed loop cooling system, Cooling towers, Water cooling towers

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Cooling tower systems are mechanical systems which can be used to transfer heat into the atmosphere. A cooling tower company can provide many of the services which can cool water, oil or other chemicals in an oil refinery. Products like water cooling towers or evaporative cooling towers are often best when provided by a cooling tower manufacturer who knows the nature of the service and provides a thorough warranty for the product.

It is for this reason that potential manufacturers should consider all options when purchasing cooling tower systems. Examples of these are the sort of cooling towers provided by companies like Delta Cooling Towers. Delta provides a five year warranty on its motors and provides a warranty of up to 15 years on the structural shell of its cooling towers.

Cooling tower systems are among the safest and most useful equipment for energy providers and other companies that need to rabidly cool systems in one way or another. Companies seeking out the safety of their facilities and their workers should continue to consider them a valuable resource. All one needs is to find the closed loop cooling systems that work.