You Should be Shredding More Than Just Guitar Secure Document Shredding

Written by Wall Street News on May 20th, 2016. Posted in Document scanning solution, Paper shredding services

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The modern business model has transferred nearly every system from paper to electronic, which makes for a neat, simplified method of organization in the office. Some people still believe that the paper system is more secure because filing cabinets are under lock and key, but in truth, online and electronic exchanges only account for about 10% of all identity theft.

Locks only keep the honest people out, or so the saying goes. So not only are paper files easier to gain access to, they can make their way out into the world after they’ve been discarded. Research suggests that approximately 95% of business information still exists and is stored on paper, which poses a hazard to businesses everywhere. Despite the naysayers who believe electronic filing is an unsecured form of document storage, t