3 Common MLM Business Problems

Written by Wall Street News on February 27th, 2018. Posted in Federal estate tax law, Judge abraham sofaer, Mock trials

Contract disputes

There are all types of claims out there with the next big money making plan. You see this information on commercials, through friends, and especially on the internet. They inform of you of how you can make money, simply by selling a product or taking a class. However, these businesses often use sneaky marketing techniques to leave out important information.

Exaggerate income potential
One of the most common techniques used is to exaggerate income potential. These businesses trick interested people into thinking that they can make sometimes millions of dollars. Yet what they don?t tell you, is that there are only one or two making that amount and they are the owners of the business. It is illegal to falsely market something in this sense and it can lead to Continue Reading No Comments