Reducing Your Businesses Chances of a Fire

Written by Wall Street News on November 2nd, 2016. Posted in Commercial fire sprinkler systems, Fire alarm installation, Fire protection

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Owning a business opens you up to a lot of liabilities. You take on a responsibility to provide a good service or product to others, without putting them into danger or harm. If you have a physical business location, you are required to keep everything updated and repaired, in working and safe condition. You will be required to have large insurance protections, in the event that something does happen to one of your customers. However, every precaution should be taken to provide the highest amount of safety for the people that visit your business location.

Follow all building codes and regulations. Each state and county will have their own safety regulations and building codes. These are regulations that are set by the state, as to what they have deemed to be the safest

The US Has the Most Unsecured Security Cameras in the World

Written by Wall Street News on June 27th, 2016. Posted in Business security solutions, Business security system, Fire protection

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A few years ago a website called created a directory of more than 73,000 unsecured security cameras around the globe. Today, the United States has about 5,600 unsecured security cameras, the most of any nation in the world. Washington, D.C., had the second highest density of these devices, with 5.80 cameras per 100,000 residents.
Okay, wait. What are unsecured security cameras, and why do they matter?
First, it’s important to note that “unsecured security cameras” is just a really, really awful turn of phrase, so we’re going to start using the alternative wording, open cameras. In short, these are any securit

4 Points About a Fire Protection System

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If you own a hotel or an apartment complex or any kind business where there are employees, residents, guests or customers, then I’m sure you understand the importance of having fire protection systems in place. I spoke with a hotel manager one time that informed me that he was under the impression that fire protection companies as well as insurance companies were just out to steal his money and he wasn’t going to implement any kind of protection other than the fire extinguishers that were around the establishment. He was convinced that this would be enough to protect his guests and employees and building. Thankfully, the hotel was shut down before there could be any fatalities. There were many problems with what he said. Fire protectio