Grassroots Campaign Is Successful in Getting Government to Rethink Transportation Planning

Written by Wall Street News on February 13th, 2017. Posted in Civil engineering structural design, Gpr pavement, Lidar centroamerica

Pavement evaluation

During World War II, Dwight D. Eisenhower saw high speed roads in Germany. Inspired by such feats in transportation planning and civil engineer services, he became a champion of s similar project in the United States. In 1956, the Federal Highway Act went through and the result was the modern interstate highway system, which transformed American culture and society. It created 41,000 miles of paved roads throughout the country. Today, that number has grown to 46,876 miles but much of it has fallen into disrepair. Some estimate that as many as 33% of America’s major roadways are in a condition that is considered mediocre or poor.

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