I Need a Haircut

Written by Wall Street News on March 22nd, 2013. Posted in Hair salon virginia, Hair salons in virginia

Hair salon virginia

Hair is not just a physical characteristic of mammals. For human beings is is also beauty, self expression, and for some, spirituality. For example, following the death of a Hindu family member, the chief mourner is expected to have his or her head for 10 days.

Hair can also be a sign of status in some cultures and during some time periods. The hairstyles on women in Imperial Rome were very complicated including bunches of curls resting on top of their heads, braids, and ringlets. Some hairstyles of noblewomen were so elaborate that stylists and several slaves would attend to it with daily attention. During the Victoria era men used a haircare product called macassar oil, it was very greasy and stained upholstery. Then a small doily, called an antimacassar was draped over the chair back. We still see then stylistically today.

But things have grown to be even more out of hand since Karl Nessler patented the first electric permanent wave machine in 1909, then he patented artificial eyebrows in the UK. A 2010 British study concluded that the average woman will spend upwards of 50,000 dollars on her hair over her lifetime. That is insane. But if you think about the cost of cut and color and shampoo and conditioner and hairspray and everything else we use, it is easy to see how it adds up.

I just moved I needed to find an Arlington VA hair salon to spend my personal hair fortune on. There was one hair salon Arlington VA gave good reviews, and it was nearby, but pricy. I need to spread that 50,000 dollars out over my whole life, not in just a couple of years. There were so many hair salons in virginia to choose from. Usually I would just ask a friend but being new in town I did not yet know anyone who knew about hair salons in Virginia.

So I read countless reviews for hair salons in virginia and decided on one close by, affordable, with great reviews. If I did not like it, I could pick a different one of the many hair salons in Virginia. But luckily, I will not have to search any longer. Because I got my first haircut at the absolute very best hair salon virginia has to offer. They were wonderful. I am going to find a way to marry my new stylist. Seriously.