Hire the Right Person for the Job with an Executive Placement Agency

Written by Wall Street News on March 18th, 2016. Posted in Human resources executive recruiters, Human resources staffing agencies, Outplacement services plano

Executive search consultant service

Hring new employees can be hard. Hiring new employees who will stay with your company for a long time can be even harder. Nearly 60% of American organizations say they think they have a problem with employee retention. andnbsp;Staff turnover can cost a business somewhere between 30 to 150% of that staffer’s salary. As many as 22% of all new hires do not last more the 45 days. The most common reasons they leave are bad performance and/or having the wrong temperment. Because hiring new staff is such an issue for so many companies, a lot of businesses are opting to outsource these decisions to anandnbsp;executive placement agency.

What are the benefits of using anandnbsp;executive placement agency or talent acquisition management service?

It can be cheaper than hand