How Not to Die Personal Protective Equipment

Written by Wall Street News on November 19th, 2017. Posted in Eye and face protection, Industrial safety equipment, Permeation resistant clothing

Chemical protective bibs

Everyone wants to avoid a workplace injury. Workers would rather not be disabled for long periods of time–often to the point where their disability and worker’s comp dries up. Employers want to avoid a situation where they lose a worker, their ability to produce, and have to pay worker’s compensation for a time. And no one wants a casualty on their hands.

That’s where personal protective equipment comes in. Here are some statistics:

  • Thousands of workers are blinded each year from work-related injuries that could have been prevented with the proper use of eye and face protection.
  • Those eye injuries cost U.S. companies more than $300 million per year in lost production time, medical expenses, and worker compensation.
  • In 2015, the private industry employers in the United