Why You Need to Care About Coal Ash Getting Into the Water Supply

Written by Wall Street News on August 23rd, 2017. Posted in Groundwater remediation equipment, Industrial wastewater solutions, Polluted water

Groundwater remediation technologies

Did you know that 97%% of the Earth’s water is salt water? Although fresh water makes up only 3%, it is just 1% that is okay for human consumption. But are we actually using that full 1% of fresh, drinkable water? The answer is a resounding no, as the ongoing problem of industrial wastewater has yet to be resolved in a comprehensive way.

How We Can Get Clean Water: Groundwater Contamination Remediation.

As much as 70% of industrial waste ends up in our groundwater supply after being dumped into the country’s water bodies. This is concerning because groundwater makes up over 95% of our fresh water resources. About half of the population relies on groundwater as their source of drinkable water.

What Chemicals Are Causing Groundwater Pollution?