Attract New Customers With LED Signs for Businesses

Written by Wall Street News on June 30th, 2018. Posted in Led digital display sign, Led electronic signs, Led signs for business

Without signs, it’s likely that many people wouldn’t be aware of the various types of businesses and other establishments in their area. While the purposes of some buildings may be obvious due to their specific architectural features and type of activity, the purpose of other buildings may not be as clear. This is one of the main reasons why signs are essential.

Most people live or work relatively close to where they shop, dine out, or engage in other types of activities. In fact, 85% of the individuals that shop at a specific business tend to live or work within five miles. One of the reasons for this is convenience, of course. Another is because these consumers tend to see a business’ sign on a regular basis. Otherwise, they might not be aware of that particular business, which was the case with 35% of a recent poll’s participants.

The poll also found that 71% of its participants will actually look at both traditional and digital signs when they pass by them. Approximately

Getting the Word Out How to Distinguish Your Business Through Modern Advertising

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Gsa signs

On a daily basis, the average person is subject to hundreds — if not thousands — of advertisements all fighting for our attention. The earliest advertisement is actually dated back to June of 1836 when the French newspaper La Presse first started including paid advertisements in an effort to lower their costs, extend readership, and improve profitability. When the earliest American televisions were released around 1928 it only took around a decade before advertising would take over TV; interestingly enough the first advertisement on television was broadcasted on July 1, 1941 during a Brooklyn Dodgers/Philadelphia Phillies game for the Bulova Watch Company. With the increasing prominence of the internet in our daily lives, traditional advertising has been forced to adapt in order to stay relevant and ef