Why You Should Install A Home Security System Today

Written by Wall Street News on January 25th, 2018. Posted in Home security system, Locksmith service portland, Locksmith services

Residential locksmith services

Becoming the victim of a burglary is certainly something that no one wants, and it can be a traumatic and scarring experience for a family, shaking their sense of safety as well as their trust in the security of their home. Fortunately, burglaries are largely preventable through the use of a residential security system. A residential security system not only prevents burglaries but can defer and deflect a burglar moments before they break in or during the break in as well.

Burglaries by and large affect single family homes or apartments, as 66% of burglaries are considered residential home break ins. In the United States alone, a home burglary is estimated to occur every 13 seconds. Of property crimes in 2015, home burglaries accounted for almost 20% and over $12 billion in property was st