High Quality Industrial Products for the Toughest Jobs

Written by Wall Street News on August 27th, 2013. Posted in De-sta-co distributors, Machine bolts, Toggle clamps destaco

Hydraulic pumps

In a world where we continue to grow increasingly dependent upon machines and other technologies, the industrial distribution industry plays a crucial role in production. Industrial distribution is so important that the top five industrial supply companies accounted for over 41.3 billion dollars in revenue during 2011.

The fact is almost everything that we use is influenced by industrial supplies in some way; and many industrial machines and tools are designed to be versatile enough to manufacture a wide array of consumer products. For instance, Destaco grippers and Destaco latch clamps are often used in conjunction with high quality drill bushings to allow drilling to be done with the utmost accuracy. These tools are routinely applied to the manufacture of everything from automobiles to armoires.

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