Injection Molding and What it is Used for

Written by Wall Street News on May 17th, 2016. Posted in Food packaging containers suppliers, Pharmaceutical containers and closures, Plastic injection molding products

Plastic injection molding closures

Injection molding is the process that is used to produce parts by injecting a certain kind of material into a mold. It can be used with various different kinds of materials like glasses, elastomers and confections but the main material it is used with is thermoplastic. These are known as plastic injection molding products.

How is injection molding done?/strong>
The product is first designed by in industrial designer and then the mold is made from metal like steel or aluminum. After this is done, the material for the product is poured into a barrel that has been heated up. It is then mixed and fed into a mold cavity. Here is where it cools and hardens in the shape of the cavity or mold. This method is used for small components to large ones like the entire body of a car. 3D tech

How it’s Made is a Great Show, but Where Does Your Plastic Really Come From?

Written by Wall Street News on April 18th, 2016. Posted in Medical injection molding, Pharmaceutical containers and closures, Plastic injection molding process

Plastic injection molded products

Plastic is an ever-present product in your daily life. You store old trinkets in plastic bins, take food to work in Tupperware, and drink from plastic cups. Even prescription medication comes in little orange bottles made of, you guessed it, plastic. But where does that plastic come from? How is it made? What ensures quality in a plastic product?

Plastic manufacturing is a multi billion dollar industry. In 2012, plastics manufacturers shipped nearly $4 billion in goods. Not only is it one of the largest industries out there, it’s also one of the most important. Plastic is present in many ways, and its quality, as well as how it’s made, are two important factors in its importance.

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